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05 Jan 2019
Cutest Fluffy Pets Ever 2018 | Funny Pet Videos
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STRANGEST Animals People Keep As Pets!


Check out the strangest animals people keep as pets! This top 10 list of weird exotic pets has some of the craziest wild animals that got domesticated by people and kept as a pet!

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13. Scorpions
When it comes to creepy crawlies in the world, the scorpion is definitely one that makes the list. It’s not their fault that we usually prefer cute and cuddly creatures! But there is an exception because many people actually have them as pets.

12. Capybara
The capybara is the largest rodent in the world!! Forget bunnies and hamsters!! If you want to push the limit, you can get a Capybara. They're so big that they can weigh up to 140 pounds, which if you think about it, is about the average weight of an adult.

11. Bearded Dragon Lizard
The Bearded Dragon is native to Australia but it’s popularity as a pet in the United States is growing. (Australia actually banned the sale of its wildlife in the 1960’s). They're sold in pet stores all over, which you might not expect from a lizard with spikes all over its body.

10. Fennec Fox
These foxes come from the Sahara Desert in Africa and are the smallest type of fox in the world! They are famous for their large ears which allows them to hear prey digging around in the desert from far away. Can’t sneak up on this guy!! They are extremely furry which helps keep them cool. Even their feet are furry, which helps to protect the from the hot sun.

9. Crocodile
There once was a time when it was actually quite common practice to have a baby croc or alligator as a pet. This actually started the urban legend of crocodiles being found in the sewers, since people would flush them down the toilet once they got too big.

8. Piranha
One of the most feared creatures in the world can indeed be yours as a pet. Congratulations, You can own a piranha.
And while TV shows and movies may have exaggerated their "skills", make no mistake, they are meat-eaters, and they will bite you if you tempt them.

7. Savannah Cat
The Savannah Cat is a spotted cat breed which is across between an African Serval and a domestic cat. They were accepted as a breed in 2001 and are known for their beautiful coat which mimics the Serval without being a fullblown wildcat. Although as a side note, people do have Servals as pets but many people give them up after about a year or a year and half to Big Cat Rescue because their wild personalities are just too much to handle.

6. Hedgehogs
These small spiny animals can be found almost everywhere in the world except the Americas and Australia. Despite what video games may tell you they are very slow and will roll up into a ball to protect themselves.

5. Wallaby
Wallaby's are one of the animals you most associate with Australia as they're known for looking like mini kangaroos. But, surprisingly you can actually have a Wallaby as a pet in many countries and states, as long as you have a license for it. Wallabys are extremely exotic pets and are very rare. They require a lot of space and need a large enclosure to be able to run and graze outside.

4. Freshwater Stingray
Easily one of the strangest aquatic animals you can own as a pet is the Freshwater Stingray. You'd think that these types of aquatic creatures wouldn't be allowed as pet, but they are in some places. But they do come with a catch.

3. Sugar Gliders
Sugar Gliders are in the marsupial family and have a pouch to raise their young. They look a bit like flying squirrels, and have a fold of skin which they can use to glide from place to place. Native to New Guinea and Australia, their popularity as pets is growing but you should definetly do your research before getting one!

2. Burmese Python
Burmese pythons were also extremely popular pets to own but there are many horror stories of the pet python swallowing the baby, or even the owner itself when they snuck out of their cage.

1. Chimpanzee
The Media has shown us that it would be "fun" to own a monkey, and sure enough, you can even own a Chimpanzee in certain areas of the world, including certain parts of the United States. In fact, the rich used to try and get Chimpanzees as pets all the time, seeing them as a status symbol and proof of their wealth (probably along with the crocodiles).

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