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Embedded with Special Forces in Afghanistan

Published on 03 Nov 2018 / In Entertainment

The mission was to check out a vehicle that had been abandoned on a target range frequently used by Americans and ensure that it wasn’t left there for nefarious reasons.

It was a cloudy day that wasn’t particularly ideal for flying, but nonetheless I loaded onto a helicopter along with a handful of American infantry attachments from the 25th Infantry Division.

Throughout my careers as both a soldier and a journalist, I have boarded rotary wing aircraft in Afghanistan more times than I can count.

But this time was different: The helicopter was a Russian-made Mi-17, and it was piloted and crewed by both Afghans and Americans.

Read the rest of AN INSIDE LOOK AT AFGHANISTAN’S ELITE SPECIAL MISSION WING: https://brcc.coffee/2Mw8dsb

And if you want a taste of what’s to come in part two of this video, read our exclusive story THE VALLEY BOYS: HOW A LONE SPECIAL FORCES TEAM IS FIGHTING ISIS IN REMOTE MOUNTAINS OF AFGHANISTAN: https://brcc.coffee/2IIAAS1

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